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techinaTechinasia has been doing amazing work for the startups in China and the rest of asia for bringing awareness to the English speaking and international community. Since our early beginnings, Tech In Asia has been watching us develop and grow, and we truly thank them for this assistance. As a startup, every bit of recognition and attention helps us grow and get motivation to keep pushing onwards!

Below are the articles that Tech in Asia has covered us in, (hope more as we continue to grow) [Please note, we were initially known as Weibo Agent for the first few months of our startup, but now are officially Social Agent Limited]:

This coverage was a bit early in our developments – where in we were starting as a SaaS analytics tool, but nonetheless:

Called WeiboAgent, it’s a SaaS advisory tool built on top of social media analytics. The goal, Michael says, is for brands “to understand what the Chinese customer wants – and doesn’t want – and adjust accordingly.”

And in the 2nd coverage, we were #2 in the 11 startups in Asia that “caught our eye”:

2. WeiboAgent | China

Currently in incubation at Chinaccelerator, American entrepreneur Michael Michelini has co-founded WeiboAgent that aims to help brands do much better social media marketing on Sina Weibo, the nation’s hottest Twitter clone.

Pitching at Startup Arena in 2013 we were featured in Tech in Asia here

I always enjoy how editors and others outside of our team read our business model, it was explained well: is an online lead generation tool to help businesses find leads in the Chinese market. Based between Shenzhen, China and Hong Kong with a mix of Americans, Chinese, Canadians, they help western companies have a better chance of success in the Chinese market through leveraging Chinese social media.

Our model is a monthly subscription plan with additional lead generation packages,” says co-founder Michael Michelini. “We’re also working on live online sales workers to boost their chances of finding quality prospects.”


About Tech in Asia

I think the blog, Tech in Asia, is doing amazing things for startups in or based in Asia. Its so hard for a startup anywhere, but I think especially in Asia, to get the support they need. This website has been changing things drastically.

From their own About us page below:

Asia is big. Its place in the world, even bigger.

Tech in Asia is an online technology news startup based in Asia, with team members all across the region. As a crew of journalists and bloggers with a passion for new ways of delivering the news, we’ve bonded together under one goal – to create a great Asia-focused tech news site to tell the world about the wonderful things that are happening here.

We write news about Asia and we curate from other sources we think are great. We’ll frequently experiment with data and charts, photos and videos. There’s no office and no printing press, no whiteboards and no J. Jonah Jamieson. With a virtual newsroom that spans many countries, we aspire to find a story, cover it, and send it out to the world within minutes. It’s unconventional, but exciting. Call it an experiment. But as with any experiment we’ll screw up from time to time, but always with the best of intentions. We’re learning too, and we’d love your criticism so we can get better.

Social Agent thanks Tech in Asia so much, and hopes we continue to grow as a startup and give back recognition to Techinasia for their help during our early days.

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