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chinese sales agent meetingSince Social Agent has become a 2 sided platform, we have a lot of work to do on developing and nurturing our Chinese sales agents side. We realize this, and embrace it fully. Just like we used lean startup methodologies for our client side, we are listening carefully to the wants and needs of agents.

Many are not doing just for the money, but for the community. The chance to be something bigger than working in a 9-5 job in a boring office. To be part of something bigger.

Over the past weekend, I met with a few of our top agents, and here are some of my field notes:

1) Agents want feedback from clients… are they performing well? Getting what client wants?
Does the client want to continue? For example, Sam (an agent) is worried that Alex (a client) isn’t happy, but Alex is paying on time, and referring other clients, so he must be happy – yet none of us know.

Solution – each month, some type of evaluation form/report on the client side (see next feature)

2) Month end client paying / feedback —> A continuation of the above feedback – we let client decide to pay the full amount for the month or just how many were achieved, to continue with this agent or have another apply (or a pending application take their place) . Who initiates this, the system, the agent, the client? I see it as an automated email that their month is ending and they need to check their Social Agent account and choose the below:

Example Sam (agent) worked hard but didn’t get 20 leads in his first month of June. At end of the month client can decide:

- Pay for the 20 even if 15 were achieved as it was the first month for the agent, as they see the agent made a reasonable effort.
- Pay for the 15 only and let them continue
- Pay for 15 and fire the agent but choose another agent
- Pay for the 15 and fire the agent and cancel socialagent system

3) Product profile – What exactly is the agent selling.. .Maybe this is separate from the lead profile? Company profile we are discussing? Product profile is THIS NEW?? Maybe upload a brochure, or a website, or a website URL of the product, add a photo? (this can then be displayed on the mobile phone of the agents) The agents want to know exactly what they are selling – and also CAN THEY TRUST it, is it verified, does it have the certifications, how much does it cost?

Example – 3 year program for and not the normal 4 year program, but IFAparis sent the email (below) AFTER contract was signed. Christina and Terry say this is harder to sell – this doesn’t give a diploma, and parents aren’t as interested in it. Do we go back to client now and re-negotiate?

4) Amy will work on user guide for agents, in Chinese. Really thinks we need to have this, and then update it as the system evolves. v1, v2, v3, etc

Again, listening to our users – BOTH SIDES now, will be the key to the platform’s success. We welcome your feedback.

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