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Find Customers in China
Enable Chinese sales agents to build sales leads for you. Find, track and manage your relationships in China with our hard working crowdsourced virtual sales team.

Education – Chinese invest heavily in education for their children, as well as their own career development. Social Agent works closely with universities, placement consultants, and training companies to find students and their parents who are concerned about the future…. Read more »

Imported Food

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Imported Foods – Chinese customers love foreign brands! Especially in consumables such as baby milk, wines, and other exotic goods not found in China. Chinese parents have huge demand for baby milk powder. It is a common sense that foreign… Read more »

Real Estate

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Real Estate – As Chinese look to invest in overseas markets, they first look at hard assets such as real estate. We’ve been successfully working with realtors in finding Chinese buyers. According to the National Association of REALTORS®, foreign purchases… Read more »