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Education – Chinese invest heavily in education for their children, as well as their own career development. Social Agent works closely with universities, placement consultants, and training companies to find students and their parents who are concerned about the future.

Educational Trade Fairs – Nearly 400 schools and institutes gathered in Beijing for the 2013 China International Education Exhibition Tour. The group included universities, high schools and vocational schools. They are all eyeing an enormous market as more and more Chinese parents prefer to send their children abroad for study at an early age.  Social Agent has part of its network at these various trade shows to assist our clients to get on the ground reach to potential students and their parents while in China.

Gaokao Exam Getting More Competitive – The Gaokao exam (also known as the National Higher Education Entrance Examination) is where children and their parents determine their “fate” as to whether they can attend a top rated overseas university.  There were 400,000 Chinese students abroad in 2012. And the number is still increasing rapidly. Chinese parents are willing to pay for their children.  Social Agent can target those students studying for their Gaokao exams, or those who have taken it and are not happy with the results – and are looking for options.

All Types of Majors Chinese study various majors and college programs ranging from General business, to Art majors, Design, Painting, and engineering to name a few.

Chinese Need to Help Applying for Undergraduate Study Abroad Programs Conditions for undergraduate study abroad vary from university to university, and many utilize Bachelor study abroad agencies, to better ensure they get access to an accreditted, professional undergraduate study abroad program in USA, Canada, Australia, or Europe.

Social Agent helps target the students who want to study abroad and contact them on your behalf..


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  1. Evan

    Hi Michael,

    i,m very interested in your business model and would like to be one sales representative in the area of Education. My basic background is : good at english and german. Master degree. 2 years + work experience in vocational school and social netzwork in uni. But i can,t find more infos about the work about sals assistant and its income model.

    thanks a lot and wait for your feedback.



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